Call for Papers

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Digital Chinese Medicine (DCM) is one of the two international TCM journals with a national level funding and the only one university-sponsored TCM journal which was included in the “The National STM Journals Promotion Plan”.

DCM aims at promoting the standardization, quantification, internationalization and digitization of traditional Chinese medicine so that it can be recognized by, and benefit more people worldwide.

DCM is a peer-reviewed academic journal, including but not limited in the research of best clinical practice, experimental evidences, original studies on acupoints and meridians, and natural herbs, the diagnostics technique based on modern science and technology, data mining on massive cases, combination of traditional medicine and internet of things, TCM renovation, theoretical exploration and creation, etc. In a word, any type of articles that may contribute to the advancement of TCM are welcome.

The journal is right now 4 issues per year by printed format. But, except for printing version, we have massive e-pub ahead of print, which means, you can publish your article in an unlimited electronic way, and that is totally free of charge and open access. The processing of your manuscript is usually no more than 12 working days. DCM platform has the widest readers who are interested in traditional Chinese medicine, and the widest authors who are professionals in traditional Chinese medicine worldwide.

Please find more information below regarding the submission:

Basic requirements

All submitted papers must be clearly written in excellent English and contain only original work, which has not been published elsewhere or under review for any journal or conference. The manuscript must include the original full text, tables and figures.

How to submit?

l Send your manuscript (formatted with doc, docx or PDF) to our editorial board email: 

l Login and submit your manuscript via our online submission system:

For more information, please find in our website ( under the parts “instructions for authors” and “submission walkthrough”.